Our mentorship program


At Macdonald Realty, we’re proud to have served British Columbia’s real estate market for more than 75 years. As brokerages have come and gone over the years, our longevity has been integral to our success. It has enabled us to deliver the best possible client experience — an experience rooted in quality, integrity and professionalism.  


Real estate can be a difficult industry, with statistics showing an average of 50 per cent of new professionals give up on their careers within five years. By investing in the learning and development of our agents, both in the early stages of their careers with us and over the course of time, we believe that statistic can be overcome. That’s why we created a unique mentorship program — to help those new to the business travel down the right path in their new careers. The program’s focus involves having our new licensees work alongside a select group of experienced agents who act as mentors. In our view, continuous learning involves a myriad of approaches, including sharing and reinforcing best practices, understanding how to manage the complexities of the real estate industry, and developing winning tactics and an approach that will help you grow your business. 

How does our mentorship program work? Over six months, mentors guide new licensees working to complete a critical part of their Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course (Component 3) administered by the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA). In turn, new licensees shadow their mentors — watching and learning on a daily basis to become fully acquainted with the industry, Macdonald Realty and how we do business. This first-hand learning covers many aspects of real estate, including listing presentations, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) preparation, offer negotiation and marketing. By the end of the program, all new licensees should not only have sound understanding of the industry and our company but the confidence required to succeed. Though the program is only six months long, we’ve found many mentors and licensees often continue their relationship long after the program has ended.


  • Regular development meetings with the managing broker or a program administrator to track progress and support the licensee through their Component 3 assignments

  • Access to Institute, a top online learning platform for real estate professionals

  • Upon certification, access to Macdonald Realty’s proprietary ‘Connected Learning’ learning and development program

  • Opportunities to build relationships with top area producers 

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